Patient case study: The tricky fit

Patient discussion on an insertion referral


    Mandy has been referred from a colleague "unable to pass an uterine sound". Mandy has tried pills in the past and forgets to take them and doesn't like the thought of the hormonal implant. This case study is fictitious.

    The tricky fit

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    Learning objectives:

    • What are the important considerations pre IUS fitting in more challenging cases?
    • What counselling considerations would you need to think about for Mandy?


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    Dr Jane Davis

    Dr. Jane Davis

    GP with a special interest in women’s health, NHS South West.

    GP with a special interest in women’s health, NHS South West.

    Jane is a doctor working in Cornwall. She is a GP and Specialty Doctor in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare. She is a FSRH registered trainer, BMS Menopause Specialist and PPMC tutor. Jane loves teaching and is a board member of the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum. She is the Medical Editor of “Her Life Her Health” and heads the PCWHF’s public facing website, “Rock My Menopause”.

    Dr Radhika Vohra

    Dr. Radhika Vohra

    GP with a special interest in women’s health and education.

    GP with a special interest in women’s health and education.

    Dr. Vohra qualified from the University of Birmingham Medical School (MBChB) and works as a NHS GP in Caterham and Private GP at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital. Whilst enjoying all the challenges of General Practice, her special interests has been in women's health and education. she is a Faculty Registered Trainer for the FSRH, Speaker, NHS England Appraiser, GP Representative to the Newson Health Menopause Society and Medical Trustee to The Menopause Charity. Dr. Vohra believes educating Health professionals on the challenges all women face at each stage of their hormone journey is crucial to providing effective and quality care. She is fluent in English, Punjabi and Hindi.

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