Recorded webinars

Bayer's 21st Annual Lecture in Women’s Health (2022)

Recorded webinars - Bayer's 21st Annual Lecture in Women's Health (2022)

Recorded Saturday, 26th November 2022


This annual educational event is an opportunity for medical practitioners with a particular interest in women’s health to come together to learn and share insights about important topics in women’s health.


The 21st Annual lecture in Women’s health took place in the Law Society, Dublin.


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Speaker Presentations

The individual speaker presentations from Bayer’s Annual Lecture in Women’s Health 2022 can be viewed below.

Unfortunately, due to a technical error on the day we are unable to provide a recording of Dr Diana Mansour’s presentation ‘Are we biased in how we counsel young women for contraception’?

IUS and young women - Managing patient concerns and practical insertion tips


Dr Ciara Joyce


A GP with a specialist interest in women’s health, Dublin

Dr Ciara Joyce

In her presentation Dr Joyce looks at the use of IUS in young women, how to alleviate any fears patients may have with the IUS and gives practical insertion tips.


Kyleena® Prescribing Information, Mirena® Prescribing Information, Jaydess® Prescribing Information


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Duration – 25 mins

Anxiety in children and teenagers - How you as a GP can help


Dr David Coleman


Clinical Psychologist, and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Psychology in UCD.

Dr David Coleman

In his session Dr Coleman talk about anxiety in children and teenagers and provides some practical guidance on how you as a GP can manage and support these patients and their families.


The Recording of Dr Coleman's presentation is no longer available to view.

These meetings are part of the Women’s Health Matters Educational Programme that are organised and fully funded by Bayer.

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