Recorded webinars

Bayer's 19th Annual Lecture in Women's Health (2020)

Recorded webinars - Bayer's 19th Annual Lecture in Women's Health (2020)

Recorded Saturday, 17th October, 2020


This annual educational event is an opportunity for medical practitioners with a particular interest in women’s health from around the country to come together to learn and share insights about important topics in women’s health. This year’s lecture took place virtually for the first time due to the Covid restrictions and we were delighted to have the lecture chaired by Dr. Caitriona Henchion, Medical Director of the Irish Family Planning Association.


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Speaker Presentations

The individual speaker presentations from the 19th annual lecture can be viewed below.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome – An overview and disease management


Dr Michael O’Reilly


Consultant Endocrinologist, Beaumont Hospital; HRB Emerging Clinician Scientist, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

In his presentation Dr O’Reilly gives an overview and clinical insights into the prevalent metabolic disorder Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which affects 5-10% of women. He discusses the importance of an accurate diagnosis, gives guidance on what and how to treat including referral pathways to secondary care.


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Identifying the barriers to long acting reversible contraception in general practice


Dr Liz O’Gorman


General Practitioner with a specialist interest in Women’s Health Freshford Health Centre, Co.Kilkenny

Dr O’Gorman presents results from her research with Irish GPs and female patients which sought to identify the barriers to the provision of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) in Irish General Practice. Whilst LARC is the most cost effective and efficacious method of contraception usage levels amongst Irish women remains low at 11%.1,2

  • O’Loughlin R; Guide to long-acting reversible contraception. Forum February 2018, page 48 Return to content
  • McBride O, Morgan K, McGee H; Irish Contraception and Crisis Pregnancy Study 2010 (ICGP-2010), Crisis Pregnancy Programme Report No. 24 Return to content
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Introducing the Wonder App


Brenda Blewitt



Brenda introduces the new app for Kyleena® users, Wonder. Wonder App is a hormonal coil guide the purpose of the which is to act as a digital buddy to first-time Kyleena® users who might have many questions about life with a hormonal coil.


Wonder app provides support and information on Kyleena® usage prior to the placement of the coil and during the first 3-6 months after the placement. It also allows the user to record her mood and track her bleeding after the placement.


Kyleena® Prescribing Information


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Sexual health- Problems and challenges in practice


Dr Derek Freedman


Consultant in GenitoUrinary Medicine Ranelagh, Dublin

In his session Dr Freedman addresses common problems and challenges encountered in the management of sexual health in primary care including the diagnosis and treatment of Candida, BV, Syphilis and genital warts.


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These meetings are part of the Women’s Health Matters Educational Programme that are organised and fully funded by Bayer.

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