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Bayer’s Effective IUS Counselling

Recorded webinars - Effective IUS Counselling

Recorded Wednesday, 17th April 2024


This webinar is part of the “Women’s Health Matters” medical educational programme which aims to inspire, update and support healthcare professionals with an interest in women’s health.


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The speaker presentation from Bayer’s Effective IUS Counselling can be viewed below:

IUS - Effective IUS Counselling webinar


Ms Carol Kelly


Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Mercer’s Medical Centre, Dublin.

Dr Jane Davis

In her presentation Carol covers effective IUS counselling for a younger population including features of a young adult cohort; the basics of conception and contraception; the case for LARC based on research; an outline of contraception counselling; a detailed walk-through IUS counselling and signposts for further education.


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This webinar can be viewed in the following 4 modules:

Module 1:

➢ An overview & key features of the young adult/student population.

➢ Basics of contraception and conception.

Duration - 8 minutes

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Module 2:

➢ Why is contraception important?

➢ The most common types of contraception used.

➢ Establishing the case for Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) based on research.

Duration - 13 minutes

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Module 3:

➢ LNG-IUS overview.

➢ Mode of action.

➢ Contraindications.

➢ IUS counselling- including pre-insertion counselling.

➢ Pros & Cons.

➢ Healthcare professional resources and Patient resources.

Duration - 17 minutes

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Module 4:

➢ Questions and Answers session.

Duration - 4 minutes

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This meeting is part of the Women’s Health Matters Educational Programme that are organised and fully funded by Bayer.

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