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Bayer's 18th Annual Lecture in Women's Health (2019)

Recorded meetings - Bayer's 18th Annual Lecture in Women's Health (2019)

Recorded Saturday, 12th October, 2019


This annual educational event is an opportunity for medical practitioners with a particular interest in women’s health from around the country to come together to learn and share insights about important topics in women’s health. We were delighted to have our 2019 lecture chaired by Dr. Trish Horgan, Broadline Family Practice, Blackpool, Cork.


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Speaker Presentations

The individual speaker presentations from the 18th annual lecture can be viewed below.

Prescribing an IUS for your challenging patient


Dr Deirdre Lundy

In her presentation, Dr Lundy addresses the use of Intrauterine systems (IUS) in challenging patients, giving guidance on how best to manage these patients whilst ensuring they have access to an effective form of contraception.


Mirena® Prescribing Information, Kyleena® Prescribing Information, Jaydess® Prescribing Information


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Urogynaecology in general practice – Pelvic organ collapse and other challenges


Dr Orfhlaith O’Sullivan

Dr O’Sullivans’ presentation covers typical urogynaecology issues that patients present with in general practice which she explains generally fall into one of four domains - urinary, bowel, prolapse, or sexual.


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Menopause management in primary care – Who, what and when?


Dr Rachel Mackey

In her session, Dr Mackey gives a comprehensive insight into how to optimally manage the menopause through comprehensively answering three key questions:


  • Which patients to treat?
  • When and how long to treat for?
  • What treatment options do we have and when should they be used?


Mirena® Prescribing Information


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These meetings are part of the Women’s Health Matters Educational Programme.

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