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World Contraception Day 2023 Webinar

Recorded webinars - World Contraception Day 2023

Recorded 2023


This recorded meeting is a part of the "Women's Health Matters" medical educational programme which aims to inspire, update and support healthcare professionals with an interest in women's health.

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Speaker Presentations

The speaker Presentations from Bayer's World Contraception Day 2023 Webinar can be viewed below:

Contraception with Dr Deirdre Lundy

Dr Lundy covers a number of different contraceptive topics; her presentation can be viewed in 6 separate sessions below. 

Dr Deirdre Lundy
Lead medical officer - National Maternity Hospital's Complex Menopause Service

The webinar can be viewed below in 6 sessions:

Session 1:

➢ Why do some young people resist hormonal contraception & Older women cannot get enough of HRT

Contraception options for the over 40s and into perimenopause

Duration - 6 minutes

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Session 2:

Combined Hormonal Contraception

UK Mec Guidance

Duration - 10 minutes

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Session 3:


UK Mec Guidance

Duration - 5 minutes

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Session 4:

Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives

UK Mec Guidance

Duration - 19 minutes

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Session 5:

Other forms of Contraception

Post Partum Contraception

Duration - 3 minutes

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Session 6:

Quick Fire Questions

Questions & Answers

Duration - 22 minutes

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These meetings are part of the Women’s Health Matters Educational Programme.

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